Awareness Lecture of Food Safety, at Bangalore (Dated : 27-08-2011)



Welcome by AIWC, Bangalore unit

New Food safety Law is attracting meaningful response from a large section of people in the entire country. Whenever CEO, FSSAI or other senior officials visit other states, the local authorities / bodies arrange interactions.

Audiance at the Venue

Director (Admin), FSSAI, during a visit to Bangalore, on a request from local unit of - All India Woman’s Conference (AIWC) made a brief presentation on “New Era In Food Safety”. The various adulterants in food, why food Safety and challenges ahead were shared with the large number of local members of AIWC, middle school students, graduates, faculty members and other interested people.

Dir (A) talking to students

Sh S.N. Nanjundaiah, Chief Chemist and Public Analyst, State Food and Water Laboratory, Public Health Institute, Bangalore were invited to answer specific queries about testing, various contaminants and how chemicals in food effect public health.

AIWC, Bangalore unit head, complimented the Government, about modern Food Safety Act for ensuring safe food, as well as public health that would be improved overall as it is the need of the hour.

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