Your legacy shall continue… FSSAI bids adieu to its Ist Chairperson, Mr. P.I Suvrathan (Dated : 12-09-2011)



After providing a very much needed anchor, strength, and direction over 40 months, Mr. Suvrathan, de-mitted the office of 1st Chairperson, FSSAI on 8th Sept 2011. A large number of officials, staff, including his personal staff were present for a floral send off, to their TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADER.

Director (Admin) read out the highlights of an illustrious career, full of humility and gratitude, which included a Ph.D in Economics, and Fulbright Fellowship.

CEO – presenting a bouquet and memento to Dr. Suvrathan

Officials who could get opportunity to express their views, were unanimous about his true guiding nature, open, transparent and methodical styles of taking forward once unheard FSSAI to a most dynamic organization.

Shri P.I Suvrathan sharing his FSSAI journey

CEO, Mr V.N Gaur, expressed his profound appreciation about the professional, personal, intellectual and humane interventions of Mr. Suvrathan, on each and every issue which came to him. He added that without Mr. Suvrathan at helm, FSSAI could not have achieved what it could in such a short period of time when science behind Food is changing so fast, the technology, the process involved in Standards setting etc and Food accounts for 50% of our spending.

Shri P.I Suvrathan with FSSAI family

He explained the transparent system of governance, within the Authority, and Central Advisory Committee of FSSAI. There is constant interaction and participation amongst the various stakeholders to arrive at important decisions. The expert groups, technical committees, scientific panels, after thorough and detailed discussion, arrive at conclusions.

The various drafts, so generated, are put on FSSAI portal, for public comments and also from stakeholders.

Final adieu … FSSAI head quarters

In his advice to FSSAI family: Mr. Suvrathan talked about 3 specific areas -

        (i) Science operates by interaction-Frequent and purposeful interactions at all levels in FSSAI and dissemination of information in the right earnest

                 (ii) Deliverables - ideas, concepts and evaluation of what is to be delivered in a time bound manner

              (iii) Continuous employee development for them to make their career and not leave FSSAI, when FSSAI is taking a significant step towards Food safety of entire Food Chain.

He laid much emphasis on trainings which will be needed at all levels i.e Regulator, Food Handler, FSSAI employees and other Stakeholders.

FSSAI will certainly cherish his words of advice.

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