7th Meeting of FSSAI


The 7th meeting of the Authority was conducted on 22nd March 2011 at FDA Bhawan and was attended by 11 members along with FSSAI officials.

Chairperson Shared about the progress made after the 6th meeting and situation post rollout of the regulations, that is expected shortly. The revised Food Safety Processes shall start a new era in India.

CP Sh.P.I.Suvrathan Addressing the Meeting.

The interaction on the agenda, the ATR of the previous meeting minutes as well role of implementing machinery invited lively discussions. One member pointed out that animal feed should be part of Food. Chairperson agreed that on the basis of animal feed contamination, pesticide residues could be assessed in milk etc, but for the present the animal feed is out of the purview of FSSA Act.

Meeting in Progress

Chairperson specially share that in RFD documents of Government of India, FSSAI is the only organization which gets mention and most of our targets are being met.

All members, appreciated the professional manner of handling the meetings, the advance planning of subsequent meetings, follow up on various decisions has resulted in meeting targets. The immediate revision of panel post Supreme Court observations was also noted by the Authority.

Group Photo
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