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The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare) has been designated as the nodal point for liaison with the Codex Alimentarius Commission.

The National Codex Contact Point (NCCP) has been constituted by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India for keeping liaison with the CAC and to coordinate Codex activities in India.

The National Codex Contact Point

Core Functions of NCCP-INDIA

The NCCP shall perform the following core functions:

  • Act as a link between the Codex Secretariat, National Codex Committee and Shadow Committee;
  • Coordinate all relevant Codex activities within India;
  • Receive all Codex final texts (standards, codes of practice, guidelines and other advisory texts) and working documents of Codex Sessions and ensure that these are circulated to those concerned;
  • Send comments on Codex documents or proposals to the CAC or its subsidiary bodies and /or the Codex Secretariat within the time frame;
  • Work in close cooperation with the National Codex Committee and its Shadow Committees;
  • Act as a channel for the exchange of information and coordination of activities with other Codex Members;
  • Receive invitations to Codex Sessions and inform the relevant Chairpersons and the Codex Secretariat of the names of participants representing India;
  • Maintain a library of Codex standards, Code of Practice, Guidelines and any other documents and publications on or related to Codex; and
  • Promote Codex Activities throughout India
  • Build capacity in country to effectively take up Codex work.

Responsibilities of NCCP -INDIA

In order to be able to discharge its core functions, the NCCP shall have the following responsibilities:

  • Undertake secretariat responsibilities to the National Codex Committee;
  • Act as the contact point for the country for maintaining liaison with the Codex Secretariat in elaborating international food standards;
  • Collect, procure and analyze data for elaborating international food standards;
  • Keep track of international food standards work and give comments and data to ensure that international food standards elaborated are practicable for local manufactures and do not hinder exports of food;
  • Undertake study and research work to solve any problem resulting from the elaboration of international food standards;
  • Encourage food manufacturers to improve quality and hygiene management to meet requirements of international food standards; and
  • Disseminate information of food standards and food laws to relevant government agencies, primary producers, manufacturers, exporters, consumers and concerned organizations.

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