Standards [Scientific Committee (SC) and Scientific Panels (SPs)]


List of E Mail IDs for Scientific Committee and Panels

S No Name of Committee / Panels Email
1 Scientific Committee
2 Panel for Functional foods, nutraceuticals, dietetic products and other similar products
3 Panel for Food Additives, flavourings, processing aids and materials in contact with food
4 Panel for Contaminants in the Food chain
5 Panel for Biological Hazards
6 Panel for Pesticides and antibiotic residues
7 Panel for Labelling and claims/ advertisements
8 Panel for genetically modified organisms and foods
9 Panel for Fish and fisheries products
10 Panel for Milk and Milk products
11 Panel for Meat and Meat products including poultry
12 Panel for Cereals, Pulses & Legume and their products (including Bakery)
13 Panel for Fruits & Vegetables and their products (including dried fruits and nuts salt, spices and condiments
14 Panel for Oils & Fats
15 Panel for Sweets, Confectionary, Sweeteners Sugar and Honey
16 Panel for Water (including flavoured water) & Beverages (alcoholic non-alcoholic)
17 Panel for Method of sampling and analysis


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